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Resident guide

General rules

When you have paid the warrantypayment, sign the tenant agreement contract and received the keys to the appartment you are a resident with all the rights and regulations concerning living at K Oy Artti. In the following you receive the information you need for a pleasant and peaceful living in the building.

Tenant agreement

The first thing to be done is notifying the post authority, registry office and relatives and friends.

Electricity, water and internet connection is included in the rent. This mean that you do not have to make separate agreements for these. You can, if you wish, increase the internet at additional cost with the provider of internet.

Checking the apparment. Check your appartment when you have the keys to it and report to the property management services’ customer service in case of any defects or unclean appartment.

Rules and regulations

Rules and regulations are found here. Please take your time to read these they apply on you also.


The building has to keys in use: the apartment keys and the so called ”emännän avain” ( hostess key) The apartment key works in your apartment and the outer door. The hostess key works in the laundry room and saunas. If you should forget your key you are advised to contact the management services’ customer service. Daytime: the service company will help you. Night-time the on-call service will help you. Also the stationery site manager has a king-key, you can ask him if he happens to be on site. The service company and on-call service will charge payment for this service, the on site manager will not.

House company information

The house company informs on the boards by the outer door. In case of urgent matters the information might also be placed on the outer door to increase visibility.

Management services’ customer service

Maintenance in the apparent is basically taken care by Kiinteistöpalvelu Alamaa. In case of bigger renovations other firms are used.

The residents are in charge of cleaning and changing ceiling lamps.

Interior decoration

Please advice the property manager in case of bigger issues. It is not allowed to do anything to fixed furnishing.

Toilet and bathroom

All apartments have a bathroom with toilet and a possibility to install a laundry machine. This you can do in the bathroom or advise the management services’ customer service. This may cost something. Unfortunately there are lots of rats in Helsinki and therefore it is advised not to put food or fat in the toilet. This way the quantity of rats can be declined. Keep your toilet tidy.


The fixed electrical equippment can be maintained by the management services’ customer service and they can also help in the procedure of finding an installer of the the washingmaschine. It is forbidden to do install the dishwasher by your self, and you have to file the bill for installing a dishwashing machine for the time you live in the apparment if you install a dishwasher.

Waste sorting

Residents are advised to sort all waste. In the garden next to A stairway the are containers for Bio-waste, cardboard, paper and mixed waste.

Nothing is to be placed outside of the containers.

More info on waste management and sorting can be found on Helsinki city services website

The garden area

The garden area and everything there may be used by residents between 9 am and 22 pm.

Grilling procedure

In the C-stairway there can be found liquid for ignition and charcoal.

Common areas

There are lots of common areas and spaces in K Oy Artti:

Laundry room

The laundry room is in the E- staircase in the bottomfloor. There you will find laundrymachines, dryingmachines and an mangle. The laundryroom may be used between 7 am. and 10 pm. Reserving the laundryroom is done at

It is prohibited to clean carpets in the washingmachines. Do not leave your belongings in the laundryroom after use. The laundryroom must be left tidy and the user must ensure that all electric appliances have been turned off. The lint trap in the drying machine must always be cleaned after use.


A fitnessroom is available in the F-stairway and can be used without cost between 7 am and 10 pm. ,


In the A-stair there is an clubroom available but it has to be reserved in case of use. Reservations can be made at The clubroom can be used between 9 am and 22 pm. The clubroom must be left tidy!


In both houses there is a sauna available for use. Reserve your saunatime at

You may make reservations for only 1h/day. Also it is not polite to make many reservations during a week.

Hobby room

In the D-stairway there is a hobby room inside the air-raid shelter. It is forbidden to paint or create dust due to the use as a shelter.

Basement closets

In the basement there are basements closets to be found for all apartments. The closets are numbered as your apparent. Do not leave anything in the basement, in someone others closet or in the basement aisles. If you want a lock to your closet you will have to arrange that yourself.

Do not leave anything in the basement closet that might be spoiled or effect the other belongings in the basement closets. Never store any flammable liquid in the basement.

The maintenance company has all rights to throw away anything stored in the aisles or other places.

The basement aisles have to be free from any articles due to fire regulations. Anything left with a sign ”can be taken away” is forbidden.


Both houses have space for bicycles and for ex. skies. Do not store your motorvehicles of any kind in these rooms.


Pets must always be on leash outside the flats, and they may not cause disturbance to the other residents of the building. Walking pets on the land of the property is strictly forbidden. Pets excrement must be collected and disposed in the waste containers.

Things to borrow

The residents' committee has a storage for borrowable things in the storage room next to the fitness room in F stairway. Check out the storage room or contact the residents' committee.

Remember to sign the booklet for borrowing and returning articles from this storage room.

Resident democracy

If you are interested in taking part in the activities of the resident democracy contact the chairman of the board. Information about the resident democracy is found here.

Fire safety and civil protection

The safety plan of the building can be found here: Take your time to study it. In case of questions contact the stationery site manager Anssi Vainikka. The civil protection or air-raid shelters are found in the D- ja G stairways and are used if the officials so advise.

Termination of lease

The termination of lease has to be made in written for and is to be done to the counterpart that has made the contract with you and can be:

  • Pohjalaisen Valtuuskunnan asuntosihteeri
  • Karjalaisen osakunnan asuntovastaava tai
  • Aalto-yliopiston ylioppilaskunta

Remember to advise the management services’ customer service (Kiinteistöpalvelu Monto Oy) when moving out so that the checking of the apparment condition can be done and the rental guarantee can be returned.

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